Ah Aluminum. Everyone's favorite most boring metal. But what makes it special and why is it used so much?  It's everywhere from space to your kitchen. 

Let's first talk about its history, then how it's made and finally why it might be the best boxcutter material. 

Let's go back, way back! No even further back. Still not far enough. There you go, Earth is just forming. And what's there? Boom! Aluminum. Lots and lots of aluminum.   

Aluminum is what's called a primordial isotope. That means that it has existed in its current form since the formation of the earth.  (I was really excited to be able to say primordial😂).

And there's lots of it here. Aluminum is the third most abundant element (after oxygen and silicon) on the planet. 


In Aluminum Article 2 there will be a little more modern history of aluminum. 

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