Quick recap from the Titanium Article 1:

Titanium is the best! It’s made from titanium tetrachloride which is reduced by molten magnesium to produce titanium sponge. So what the heck is titanium tetrachloride and why are we making titanium cleaning products?!

Now on with the show…

Titanium tetrachloride is a liquid that's made by heating titanium ore to 1000°C (1832°F for the metrically challenged 😋), along with chlorine and carbon. Once heated, it is then distilled to purify it to a clear liquid.

Chlorine is a dangerous, but not uncommon thing to work with on an industrial scale. A little story I heard about it from the local Pulp and Paper Mill workers (it's used extensively in paper production) was that if you ever smell chlorine at the Mill, don't take another breath because it will be the last breath you ever take.

The biggest producers of titanium are China and Russia. I suspect the more relaxed environmental regulations are the reason for that.

That whole process sounds sketchy to me lol, but it's how it's done so…

The next step is making titanium sponge, but I think we'll leave that for the next article 🤓

It's a good thing working with titanium has been a lifelong dream of mine because it's far and away the most popular material I make Every Day Carry products from.

Check back in next month for Titanium Article 3.

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