Again with the titanium recap. 


Titanium is the best!!  We've brewed up some scary liquid titanium and now we need to turn it into a sponge. 


But not a soft and squishy sponge.  A brittle and porous one. 


So how does the Titanium Tetrachloride (scary liquid titanium) get turned into titanium sponge?   


It's done via what's called the Kroll process.  What happens is that the titanium tetrachloride is vaporized and fed into an airtight container that is filled with molten Magnesium and an Argon atmosphere.   


Once it's in there they crank the temperature up to around 1000°C (1830°F) and let it brew like a fine craft beer for 2 days. Then they let it cool for several more days until it's solid and ready to take out. 


That’s the titanium sponge. A brittle mixture of now metallic titanium and magnesium.


But wait there's MORE! We'll continue the process in my next post. 


Check back in next month for Titanium Article 4.


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