The word "lumen" may sound like it has something to do with the moon, but it actually comes from the Latin word for light. Lumens measure how much light is created by a light source-such as a bulb or lamp-per second.

What is a Lumen?

A lumen is the standard unit of measurement for light and luminous flux. It is NOT a measure of "brightness" A brighter object is one that appears to have more light. But brightness is not necessarily a measure of how much light there is.

Lumens are different from lux, which measures illumination, not light. Lumens are also different from candela, which measures luminosity or brightness, and is used to measure the intensity of light sources in candlepower.

If you have a 1000-lumen flashlight, it could seem brighter to you than a different 1000-lumen flashlight; it's all about how the light is distributed.

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