Custom Orders

Custom Orders


If you would like a truly custom piece this is the place for you.  I'm now offering custom EDC work.  There will be a very limited number of list spots open.  I'll choose who gets on the list randomly from those who sign up for the waiting list below.



What can I do for you?  What would you like?  I've got some crazy designs that are unlikely to ever make it to production. Check them out.  Let me know what you think.  Even if you just want to chat, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. ​



There are some rules for my customs.  

  1. Be prepared to spend $2500 or more.  A lot of work goes into a custom CNCed item. It's not just push a button and a part comes out finished.  There's many hours spent before you even go out to a machine and I'll typically spend a lot of time putting hand finishes on your special custom as well.  
  2. Your custom needs to be based on one of my existing designs. This rule is pretty loose. By based I mean I need to be able to recycle some of the technical aspects that take lots of time and experimentation to get just right. But let me worry about that, you just throw ideas at me and I'll see whether I can make it work.
  3. I may say "No, I don't want to make that."  Please don't be offended if I don't feel like making what you want.  
  4. I design everything on the computer in 3D.  You'll be able to see what your custom will look like before I go anywhere near a machine.  I don't start cutting until YOU are happy!  
  5. I'll tell you up front what the total cost will be with all the options listed in an email. If you add anything after that, it'll be an additional charge. 
  6. I WILL NOT CHARGE MORE THAN WHAT I QUOTE!  Even if I mess up and have to buy another $1000 piece of metal.
  7. Be prepared to wait several months to get your custom. Custom work has to work around the day to day work in the shop. I can only do it when I have spare time to devote to it.
  8. Deposits. To secure your spot on the list I need a deposit, the percentage can vary but usually it'll be 50%. If I have to order exotic material for your job this deposit is non-refundable once I order the material.
  9. I don't do after market modifications. My equipment ad work flow is not compatible with modding or aftermarket conversions etc.

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