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What Is Everyday Carry?

Back in my grandfather’s day, there wasn’t a name for everyday carry (EDC). “Everyday carry” were simply items a man just had on him at all times: A pen, a proper small flashlight, a simple small jackknife, a lighter, and for my grandfather and an extra clean handkerchief just in case someone else needed it. My grandfather’s jacket was like a magic box made of tweed, with pockets that always had a useful tool when you needed it. He was always ready for any emergency, great or small.

Back then each man’s kit was slightly different: Some had magnifying glasses, or favourite fishing lures, some had larger knives for whittling wood, or cutting through thick underbrush, some had a single needle and a measure of thread. Anything you could fit into a small tool belt, or your numerous pockets, was and still is “everyday carry”.

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