All you need to know about aluminum. Part 2!

Now that we're finished talking about the primordial part of aluminum lets bring it into modernish times. 1825 to be exact.

In 1825 Danish Physicist Hans Christian Ørsted made a lump (his words lol) of aluminum.

In 1854 the French Chemist, Henri Deville, figured out how to make aluminum in industrial quantities. However, his method was too expensive to make aluminum an everyday item.

Actually it was so expensive to make that until 1895ish it was worth more than gold.

In 1852 aluminum was worth $1200/kg while gold was worth a measly $664. 😮

To finish off, I've got a couple of interesting tidbits of trivia for you.

Napoleon served his VIP guests at state dinners on aluminum plates. The lesser guests got silver and gold dishes.

The Washington monument has a small pyramid of aluminum capping it. It was installed on December 6th, 1884 and weighs 100oz. At the time it was the largest aluminum casting ever produced.

In Aluminum Article 3, we start talking about modern aluminum production and then how it works in flashlights!

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